New Spring Wave Petunia Medleys Fundraiser

This spring we are featuring the new Wave Petunia Medleys as our spring plant fundraiser. Medleys are just what they sound like, a mix of colors of Wave Petunias in one pot.

We are growing them in a #8 pot with two colors of Wave Petunias per pot. The Wave Petunia Medleys are a great way for gardeners to add a lot of color to flower beds or containers quickly by planting a few big pots instead of a lot of smaller pots.

If you are looking for a easy plant fundraiser for your school’s cheerleading squad, band or sports team to raise money quickly, fundraising with plants is perfect for your organization’s needs. Our Wave Petunia Medleys are also available for your non-profit organization plant sale fundraiser.

coconut-burgundy star coral-violet

denim-pink shades violet-mystic pink

denim-rosey dawn mystic pink-neon rose

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