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Plants For Profits provides schools, non-profit groups and other organizations the opportunity and materials needed to have a successful fundraiser by selling our top quality plants.

Plants For Profits currently services Spring and Mum Fundraisers within 450 miles and Poinsettia Fundraisers within 600 miles from our Van Buren, Arkansas farm.

The areas we service include Arkansas, eastern Kansas, Louisiana, parts of Mississippi (northern areas close to Memphis & southern areas around Jackson), southern half of Missouri, most of Oklahoma, western Tennessee, and eastern & central Texas south to Houston/San Antonio.

Due to the increasing costs of shipping we have had to limit the distances we service. The farther areas are for the Poinsettia Fundraisers, but the Spring Fundraisers are closer due to shipping constraints in the Spring.

The best way to determine if you fall within our delivery zones is to plug the plot points into Google Maps and check the distances. These areas are listed to give you a general idea of how far we can deliver.

Before you fill out the Fundraiser Setup form below, we recommend that you use our Contact Us form for general questions and the Get Quote form is you are in our shipping area and have a good idea about how much you want to try to sell. Once you have confirmed that we can service your fundraiser (you are in our shipping area and we have the inventory available) then the next step is filling out this Setup form to get us all the information we need to get your fundraiser started. Using this form eliminates filling out the paperwork of a new fundraiser setup and having to scan and email or fax the form back in.

If you would rather contact us directly, please feel free to call us at 479-474-1125. Once you have sent in one of our forms, our sales team will get back with you as soon as possible.

  • Where your organization receives mail.
  • The address for delivery of your fundraiser. You can change this later as needed. Your delivery address needs to be a location with a parking lot accessible by a large box truck or semi truck on a main road. We cannot deliver to residential areas or addresses.
  • Your PRIMARY CONTACT should be the person in charge of running your fundraiser, collecting orders and payments, and submitting order information to us.
  • Select YES if you are authorized to approve this fundraiser and conduct business with Plants For Profits/Parks Brothers Farm, Inc..

    Select NO if your organization needs approval from someone else (Chairperson, Director, Principal, etc.). If NO then we will need some sort of authorization from whomever needs to approve the fundraiser.

  • Must be different than Primary.
  • Can be the same as one of the above.
  • Please select a BILLING ADDRESS. If your billing address is NONE OF THE ABOVE ADDRESSES, please enter the BILLING ADDRESS and CONTACT INFO below.
  • GET QUOTE SECTION – optional Below are our Fundraiser options. You are welcome to fill them out with your setup information so that we have a better idea of which fundraiser you are interested in but it is not required to complete the form. Thank you for you interest in our fundraisers!
  • Our #6 Red Poinsettias Fundraiser is our most popular fundraiser.

    The Poinsettias are sold by the case (8 pots per case) with a 25 case minimum order for Fundraisers out to 450 miles and a 40 case minimum for Fundraisers over 450 miles. Our Poinsettia Fundraiser is available November 15 – December 15.

    Please select the approximate number of Poinsettias for your Fundraiser.

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
  • Fall Garden Mums have been gaining in popularity over the past 4-5 years and are almost as popular as the poinsettias.

    Mums are sold by the rack (32 pots per rack) with a 3 rack minimum order. Some orders may have a higher minimum based on where your Fundraise is located. The mums come in 5 solid colors and Tricolors (mix of 3 colors). They are available September 1 – October 15.

    Please select the approximate number of Mums for your Fundraiser.

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
  • #12 Spring Bulb Bowl Fundraiser

    Our #12 Bulb Bowl Fundraiser will only be available late February into early March.

    The varieties in the Bulb Bowl will include Daffodils, Tulips, and Hyacinths and Muscari. The mix will vary year to year based on bulb availability. The #12 Bulb Bowls are shipped on racks with a 2 rack (120 Bowls) minimum order.

    Please select the approximate number of Bulb Bowls for your Fundraiser.

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
  • Spring #12 Deco Pot Red Geranium Fundraiser.

    The #12 Geranium fundraiser will be available in the Spring in limited quantities for delivery on one ship week the 3rd week of March (week 12).

    The #12 Deco Geraniums are shipped on racks. The minimum order for our Spring Geranium Fundraiser is 3 racks (168 pots).

    Please select the approximate number of Geraniums for your Fundraiser.

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
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