Mum Fundraiser Sold Out for Fall 2018

We are sold out of our fall fundraiser mums and have stopped taking new fundraiser orders. However, our poinsettias also make a great fundraiser and we are currently taking orders for this Christmas season.

We have good availability on the poinsettias. Fill out our Get Quote form and one of our representatives will contact you to help you get set up and started with your fundraiser.

We Have Poinsettias Available For Your Fundraiser!

Due to the hurricanes, a lot of our normal fundraisers were not able to order this year. That means that we still have poinsettias available for fundraisers.

Be sure to visit our Contact Us or Get Quote page to get more information.

Normally, we have to ask our fundraising partners to stop selling because we have run out but not this year. This year all of our partners can keep selling!

(this pic is from several years ago. our poinsettias won’t color up until early to mid-november)

Mums In The Field – Aug. 18, 2017

It’s been a while since we posted here. We apologize for the oversight.

Here is a quick picture of our 12″ mums in the field.  We are about sold out of our 12″ mum fundraisers for this fall.

Poinsettias 2015

Hello again everyone,

First of all, I want to thank you again for another great poinsettia season. We hope that you were all successful in selling the poinsettias we shipped to you.

We did have some problems with shipping this year as we do every year but there were a few more this year. On years that we do not have a full week between Thanksgiving and the first week of December we end up with one week to get the majority of our poinsettias shipped. We are aware of the problems and apologize to anyone whose fundraiser we affected by them, and we are working on ways to improve our deliveries.

We received a lot of comments about how nice our crop looked this year. We had a few who were not fully satisfied with their poinsettias and stated that they had some issues selling all their poinsettias due to competition with box stores and others selling poinsettias. One suggestion I would like to offer is to consider using the #8 poinsettias (approximately an 8″ pot). They cost more but sell for more and are quite a bit larger than the #6. The #8 have 3 plants per pot.

We hope to work with everyone again next year. Please let us know if you have any questions and have a merry Christmas.

Due to other duties I needed to work on, I was not able to get a lot of pictures of our poinsettias. I did take a few and the rest are from our retail garden center.

These first two are from the garden center.

6in poinsettias garden center6in red poinsettia garden center

I took these Nov. 11.


6in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.11.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.11.15 2

The rest I took on Nov. 25.

6in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 26in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 36in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 46in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 56in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 6

Poinsettia Fundraisers Update – Oct. 28, 2015

Hello everyone,

Once again I have a big Thank You for all our fundraiser partners. You all have done so well that we are now sold out of our poinsettia crop for 2015!

We are sorry to anyone who didn’t get your order in sooner. We are sold out for the year and are not accepting any new orders. We do have a few 4″ poinsettias available but that’s all we have.

Please be aware that we are out and make sure that the members of your fundraising group are not still taking orders.

Thanks again to all of you. Here are a couple of pictures of part of our early crop of #6 poinsettias that are starting to turn red.

6in red poinsettia 20151028_1 6in red poinsettia 20151028_2

Fundraiser Update and Thank You!

12in yellow mums

Update 9-9-15

Plants for Profits would like to express a most sincere thank you to all of our 2015 Fall Mum Fundraiser Partners!

We have sold out of mums for the season and plan to increase production next year to meet increasing demand.  Apologies to those of you who were unable to host a mum fundraiser for your school or organization!

If you are still interested in a live plant fundraiser for the fall a great alternative to mums is a fundraiser featuring cool weather pansies.  Please contact your Plants for Profits sales representative to discuss this highly profitable option.

Poinsettia Fundraisers are by far our most popular and we still have plenty of inventory.   While we offer several different colors and are happy to ship them, most of our Fundraiser Partners stick with good old traditional red.  Red poinsettias practically sell themselves and organizations love them because a red poinsettia fundraiser is so easy to manage.

Contact Plants for Profits today to book your fall pansies or poinsettias!

J6 mixed pansies 6in-red-poinsettias-2-11-20-14

Poinsettia Update for November 24, 2014

Here are the #6 Red Poinsettias we will be shipping next week. We will ship all of these and parts of some other houses of red too.

6in red poinsettias 1 11-20-146in red poinsettias 3 11-20-146in red poinsettias 4 11-20-146in red poinsettias 2 11-20-14

2014 Poinsettias Update Nov. 4, 2014

Our poinsettias are coloring up nicely and everything is on schedule. Here are a few pictures.

Poinsettias 10-31-14 (2)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (3)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (4)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (5)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (6)Poinsettias 10-31-14

More Mum Pictures–September 5, 2014

Here are some pictures of our early season mums. These should be gone by the time we get to shipping our fundraiser and we will be pulling those from our mid-season then last season varieties. I just wanted to give you an idea of what you can expect with our mums if you are doing a mum fundraiser or considering one for next year.

12in bronze mum 5 9-5-1412in bronze mums 1 9-5-1412in bronze mums 2 9-5-1412in bronze mums 3 9-5-1412in purple mums 1 9-5-1412in purple mums 2 9-5-1412in red mums 1 9-5-1412in red mums 2 9-5-1412in tricolor mums 1 9-5-1412in tricolor mums 2 9-5-1412in white mums 1 9-5-1412in yellow mums 9-5-14

Mums–Update August 25, 2015

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have posted anything to our newsfeed here on Plants For Profits. I apologize for that. Sometimes it just gets too busy to keep everything up to date. I am sure you know how that feels.

Our mum crops is looking great. The cooler weather this summer has causes some of the early varitieties to flower earlier than usual. However, the majority of you have orders for late September or early October. I don’t anticipate any issues with the mums allocated for those weeks. They appear to be pretty much on schedule over all. We have plenty to pick from so there will not be any issues with filling your orders.

If you are a new fundraiser, the pictures below will give you a general idea about the size of the #12 mums. These early varieties are a little bit smaller than usual but the later varieties which will be used to fill your orders are bigger and up to spec.

Please note the bloom stage of these pots. Again for those of you who are new, this is the bloom stage we try to ship where the buds are just cracking open to some light color showing. We strive to never ship any mums that don’t have some color showing. Most of the time we are able to do that but occasionally we have to ship some that have buds with no color showing. In those cases we have taken steps to identify the colors for you ahead of time.

Please contact us is you have any questions. The mums are coming on fast and time it running out for you to pre-sell your fundraiser so get your order in soon and get started sell those mums!

For those of you doing our poinsettia fundraiser, we have not updated the forms online and will try to get that done soon. In the meantime please contact us for any forms you might need. You still have time to get those orders in. Please remember that we do sell out quickly once school has started and the orders start coming in fast.

bronze mum 12in 20140825 1bronze mum 12in 20140825 2purple mum 12in 20140825 1purple mum 12in 20140825 2red mum 12in 20140825 1red mum 12in 20140825 2red mum 12in 20140825 3red mum 12in 20140825 4white mum 12in 20140825yellow mum 12in 20140825 1yellow mum 12in 20140825 2