Poinsettia Fundraisers Update – Oct. 28, 2015

Hello everyone,

Once again I have a big Thank You for all our fundraiser partners. You all have done so well that we are now sold out of our poinsettia crop for 2015!

We are sorry to anyone who didn’t get your order in sooner. We are sold out for the year and are not accepting any new orders. We do have a few 4″ poinsettias available but that’s all we have.

Please be aware that we are out and make sure that the members of your fundraising group are not still taking orders.

Thanks again to all of you. Here are a couple of pictures of part of our early crop of #6 poinsettias that are starting to turn red.

6in red poinsettia 20151028_1 6in red poinsettia 20151028_2

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