Poinsettias 2015

Hello again everyone,

First of all, I want to thank you again for another great poinsettia season. We hope that you were all successful in selling the poinsettias we shipped to you.

We did have some problems with shipping this year as we do every year but there were a few more this year. On years that we do not have a full week between Thanksgiving and the first week of December we end up with one week to get the majority of our poinsettias shipped. We are aware of the problems and apologize to anyone whose fundraiser we affected by them, and we are working on ways to improve our deliveries.

We received a lot of comments about how nice our crop looked this year. We had a few who were not fully satisfied with their poinsettias and stated that they had some issues selling all their poinsettias¬†due to competition with box stores and others selling poinsettias. One suggestion I would like to offer is to consider using the #8 poinsettias (approximately an 8″ pot). They cost more but sell for more and are quite a bit larger than the #6. The #8 have 3 plants per pot.

We hope to work with everyone again next year. Please let us know if you have any questions and have a merry Christmas.

Due to other duties I needed to work on, I was not able to get a lot of pictures of our poinsettias. I did take a few and the rest are from our retail garden center.

These first two are from the garden center.

6in poinsettias garden center6in red poinsettia garden center

I took these Nov. 11.


6in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.11.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.11.15 2

The rest I took on Nov. 25.

6in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 26in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 36in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 46in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 56in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 6

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