Spring Bulbs Bowl Fundraiser

New For Spring 2022!
Image by NickyPe from Pixabay

We have added a new fundraiser to our spring production. Starting in 2022 we will offer a #12 spring bulb bowl filled with some of the most popular and most colorful early spring bulbs.

Our #12 bowl is approximately 12 in. (30.48 cm) wide and 5 in. (13.00 cm) tall. The image below right is the type of bowl we plan to use. However, it will be in tan/brown or terracotta color and not black. Each pot will be full of spring bulbs in beautiful colors. Included in each bowl will be Pink and Blue Hyacinths, Blue Muscari Armeniacum (Grape Hyacinth), Red and Yellow Tulips and two varieties of fragrant Yellow Daffodils (Narcissus).

One of the best selling points for a spring bulb bowl is that once the bulbs have finished blooming in the bowl, they can be planted in the customers flower beds to be enjoyed for years to come!

These #12 Spring Bulb Bowls will ship week 9 (week of Feb. 27, 2022. They fit 60 per shipping rack and there is a two rack minimum order (120 bowls).

Contact Us today to place your order or to find out more information about this fundraiser.

Be sure to get your order in early. Quantities are limited.

The images below are a sample of the varieties and colors that will be in our #12 Bulb Bowls. Actual shades of color may vary due to bulb availability, but the color mix should be close.

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