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  • Where your organization receives mail.
  • The address for delivery of your fundraiser. You can change this later as needed. Your delivery address needs to be a location with a parking lot accessible by a large box truck or semi truck on a main road. We cannot deliver to residential areas or addresses.
  • By selecting NO you agree to pay your local tax rate on your invoice.


    We are required by law to charge sales tax to Fundraisers who are not tax exempt even if they are out of state.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rft, txt, jpg, png, Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Please enter the sales tax rate for where your organization is located.
  • Your PRIMARY CONTACT should be the person in charge of running your fundraiser, collecting orders and payments, and submitting order information to us.
  • Select YES if you are authorized to approve this fundraiser and conduct business with Plants For Profits/Parks Brothers Farm, Inc..

    Select NO if your organization needs approval from someone else (Chairperson, Director, Principal, etc.). If NO then we will send you a form to be signed for approval.

  • Must be different than Primary.
  • Can be the same as one of the above.
  • Please select a BILLING ADDRESS. If your billing address is NONE OF THE ABOVE ADDRESSES, please enter the BILLING ADDRESS and CONTACT INFO below.
  • GET QUOTE SECTION - optional Below are our Fundraiser options. You are welcome to fill them out with your setup information so that we have a better idea of which fundraiser you are interested in but it is not required to complete the form. Thank you for you interest in our fundraisers!
  • Poinsettias are our most popular fundraisers.

    The Poinsettias are sold by the case (8 pots per case) with a 25 case minimum order and are available November 15 - December 15.

    #6 Poinsettias - 25 case minimum

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
  • Fall Garden Mums are a popular choice for fundraisers.

    Mums are sold by the rack (32 pots per rack) with a 3 rack minimum order and are available September 15 - October 15. Please select the approximate number of racks of mums for your sale.

    Fall – 12” Garden Mum Assortment of 5 Colors

    32 per rack (3 Rack Minimum)

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
  • We are offering a #12 Deco Pot Spring Red Calliope Geranium Fundraiser.

    This fundraiser will be available in limited quantities on two separate weeks.

    The first availability week is the 3rd week of March (week 12) and the second availability week is the last week of April (week 17).

    The #12 Deco Geraniums are shipped on racks. The minimum order for our Spring Geranium Fundraiser is 3 racks (168 pots).

    #12 Deco Red Calliope Geraniums - 3 rack (168 pots) minimum

  • Please select one of the options above that closest matches your estimated order.
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