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New Spring Wave Petunia Medleys Fundraiser

This spring we are featuring the new Wave Petunia Medleys as our spring plant fundraiser. Medleys are just what they sound like, a mix of colors of Wave Petunias in one pot.

We are growing them in a #8 pot with two colors of Wave Petunias per pot. The Wave Petunia Medleys are a great way for gardeners to add a lot of color to flower beds or containers quickly by planting a few big pots instead of a lot of smaller pots.

If you are looking for a easy plant fundraiser for your school’s cheerleading squad, band or sports team to raise money quickly, fundraising with plants is perfect for your organization’s needs. Our Wave Petunia Medleys are also available for your non-profit organization plant sale fundraiser.

coconut-burgundy star coral-violet

denim-pink shades violet-mystic pink

denim-rosey dawn mystic pink-neon rose

Red Poinsettia Video

2011 Fall and Winter Fundraisers

Poinsettia Update and Information:  Well, we have almost completely sold out for the 2011 Holiday Poinsettia season.  Thanks to all our Fundraiser Partners!    There are still some 8″ red and a few colors out there in every size but quantities are very limited. 

How do I store my poinsettias before distribution?  I have received several calls about poinsettia care lately and thought I’d post some helpful information.  When you receive your poinsettias you need to unbox them and unsleeve them so they can breathe. Check the soil. If the soil is dry you need to water them. If the soil is moist, they can be left alone for the time being. It’s very important not to over water a holiday poinsettia. Also, if it is necessary to store the poinsettias in a facility over the weekend, make sure the temperature doesn’t go below 68 degrees. Interestingly enough, Holiday Poinsettias are native to Mexico and don’t like the cold!

Mum Update 9-14-11: We experienced a heat delay on the mums with the record heat we had this summer. The heat delays the blooming of the mums. We expect to be 1-2 weeks later having color on our mums this fall. Please contact your sales rep if you have any questions regarding this.

Now is the  time to get your order in for our fall mum fundraisers and winter poinsettia fundraisers. Order early. Quantities are limited.

Interested in our Fall Mum Fundraiser or maybe our Poinsettia Fundraiser? Click on the links and find out more!

Need some help getting started and having a successful fundraiser? Check out our Fundraiser Success page for how to do it all!

Poinsettia Update 9-14-11: We have about 20,000 6″ Red poinsettias left available, and expect to be sold out by the middle of October. Please contact us soon to get your poinsettia fundraiser booked of 2011

Fall and Poinsetta Fundraisers

We have started taking orders for fall garden mum fundraisers and for our poinsettia fundraisers. Get your order in early. Quantities are limited!

We hope to hear from you soon.

plantsforprofits fundraiser mums

Plentifall Pansies

Here is a video featuring Plentifall Pansies made by the breeders that developed the plants. the video will give you and idea of what the baskets will look like.


Early Spring Fundraiser Pots Planted

Here is what 2000 pots of Plentifall Pansies and 2000 pots of Voltage Yellow Osteospermum look like planted in the greenhouse. We are taking orders for these now and expect them to be ready mid to late March.

Click to Get A Quote or to Contact Us.

plentifall-pansy voltage-osteospermum

You can see what they will look like in bloom here.

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Clarksville FFA Poinsettia Fundraiser Testimonial

Poinsettias We Are Shipping To Our Fundraisers

Here are some pictures of the #6 Poinsettias we are shipping out to our Fundraiser Partners next week.  The last picture on the bottom right is not #6 poinsettias but it was such a nice picture I had to include it.

2010-poinsettias71 2010-poinsettias72

2010-poinsettias73 2010-poinsettias75

2010-poinsettias77 2010-poinsettias52