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Poinsettias 2018

Here are pics from our 2018 Poinsettia season.

Poinsettia Update for Nov. 9, 2012

Here are what some of the poinsettias are looking like this week. More color is showing each day!


poinsettias-3 poinsettias-1

poinsettias-7 poinsettias-8

poinsettias-9 poinsettias-94


Poinsettias We Are Shipping To Our Fundraisers

Here are some pictures of the #6 Poinsettias we are shipping out to our Fundraiser Partners next week.  The last picture on the bottom right is not #6 poinsettias but it was such a nice picture I had to include it.

2010-poinsettias71 2010-poinsettias72

2010-poinsettias73 2010-poinsettias75

2010-poinsettias77 2010-poinsettias52