Winter Poinsettia Fundraiser

Poinsettias are a very popular fundraiser. Our #6 Poinsettia pot contains one plant and grows 13″ to 15″ tall with 5 blooms.

Plants For Profits Poinsettias are sold by the case (8 pots per case) with a 25 case minimum order out to 450 miles. For Fundraisers that are located over 450 miles, we have a 40 case minimum. Pricing includes freight, box, foil pot cover, and sleeve. Poinsettias are available for delivery from November 15th through December 12th.

Generally, most of our fundraiser partners will make between 50-100% profit depending on how you price your fundraiser. Some are able to double their money while others in more competitive and/or in smaller markets sell them for less and earn a little less. 

Pre-book your order before October 1 and make more money by securing our pre-booked pricing. Pre-book pricing is available for orders place between January 1 and September 31 each year.

Order early to pre-book this awesome fundraiser! Quantities are limited.  Your poinsettias are guaranteed to arrive at your door in excellent condition and ready for delivery!

(479) 474-1125 or Contact us today!

Plants for Profits has order forms and other supporting documents available for download to help make your fundraiser as successful as possible.  Contact us today!

TESTIMONIALS (click to see more)

Wow! What a wonderful product you have. The poinsettias are beautiful!!!!!!!! We were all very pleased with the packaging and the delivery. Nice Job! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to work with you!

Suzanne W.

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