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If you are looking for a profitable and easy fundraiser for your school or non-profit organization, Plants For Profits and Parks Brothers Farm has taken the guesswork out of planning your plant fundraiser! Our sales team works closely with you throughout the process, answering questions, and providing guidance to ensure success.

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Plants For Profits makes fundraising simple with tips, downloadable order forms, sales team forms, care documents, vivid images, thirty-day terms, & much more. Visit our Winter and Fall Fundraiser pages to discover how we can help your organization.

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This year I extended the fundraiser idea to all of the staff in Western Oklahoma and our Relay For Life teams jumped on board. Together we will profit over $26,000 for cancer research just from selling the mums!!!
Every team that has sold them has sold out and could have sold more. Ron was a tremendous asset to us. He is so kind and always returns phone calls, changes orders, or anything we needed to make the process as easy as possible. We plan to sell them again next year so get ready Ron!!!!!
Thanks again for the great fundraising opportunity!
Kyna Swanson
American Cancer Society Community Manager
Western Oklahoma
September 18, 2016

Detailed Instructions.
Proven Success.
Easy 30 Day Terms.

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