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Plants For Profits provides schools and non-profit organizations the opportunity and all the materials needed to have a successful fundraiser selling plants for profit.

Fall Garden Mums are a popular choice for fundraisers. Mums are sold by the rack (32 pots per rack) with a 3 rack minimum order and are available for delivery mid-September to mid-October. Pre-book your order as soon as you can. Mums are usually sold out by early to mid-August.

For our Poinsettia Fundraiser the plants are sold by the case (8 pots per case) with a 20 case minimum order and are available for delivery late November through mid-December. Pre-book your order as soon as you can. Poinsettias typically sell out by the first of November but sometimes we sell out early.

Plants For Profits currently services Mum Fundraisers with in 450 miles and Poinsettia Fundraisers with in 600 miles in in Arkansas, eastern Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, western Tennessee and eastern Texas.

Due to the increasing costs of shipping we are limiting the distances we service.

If you would rather contact us directly, please feel free to call us at 479-474-1125 or email us at orders<at>parksbrothers<dot>com.